Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm plannin' on it....

One last final push to get more to join in FSA planning for Salt Lake! Come join others on the Salt Lake FSA board at a planning/ BBQ meeting tomorrow night at the Anderson's home (Christine, Brian and little man BAJA) Come share you talents and skills and willingness to serve. You will be blessed beyond your imagination. By serving on the board I have learned so much more about adoption that I could never have learned in a class. I have made such great friendships that have helped during the hard times. You join others facing the same uncertainty and you find a way to come out conquerer. Don't just sit around. Get moving... or in this case... Get planning! (and eating...)

To quote P.T Barnum "Without promotion something terrible happens... Nothing!" Let's get the word out about adoption!


Sunday, August 10, 2008

FSA National Conference...

What a great conference this year! We missed you but loved every minute of it all. Thank you for everyone's effort. We are taking a little break 'till summer, but will be up and going soon. Enjoy your last couple of weeks of summer!

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